Pedra Branca Beach / Empa Beach

This Beach is generally frequented by surfers and campers. The sea is rough and dangerous, where there is no support for the beach. However, a good place to visit!

Orelheira Beach

This is a more discreet beach which is between the beach of Pedra Branca and the beach of Forte de Mil Regos.

Ribeira d'Ilhas beach

Is the best beach in the area for surfing. This is where usually take place the various surf championships. On this beach not only surfers pass by but also all curious people about the beach. One of the best beaches in terms of access, parking and bar / restaurant support.

Algodio or North Beach

This beach is located next to the Pescadores Beach in the center of the fishing village of Ericeira. It is the beach that is mostly used by the same people. It also has a good reputation for surfing, many surfers also choose to come to surf this beach. Such as the beach of Ribeira d'Ilhas, has good access, parking and bar support.

Ali Baba Beach

It was on this beach that many years ago a ship docked, where there was a gentleman by the name of Ali Baba. This is also the beach hiding a great treasure, but that has not yet been discovered, other say that the treasure melted, for there is no other beach with sand as Golden as this one. So people say!

Mil Regos Praia do Forte

This is a beach with difficult access, very quiet, where if you do not want to be bothered, this is the place. It is a beach without guard and without any support.

Matadouro Beach

This It is the closest beach from the campsite. This beach is quiet and safe. It is also a beach with lots of rocks. When the tide is high is almost impossible to go to the water, when the tide is low it creates a pool. It is a beach visited by surfers.

S. Sebastião Beach

The name of this beach is due to the chapel that is right on the entrance of the beach. It is a very nice beach and also visited by surfers.

Praia do Sul e Praia da Baleia Beaches

It was the beach most visited by distinguished visitors from Ericeira in the nineteenth century. One of the most popular beaches of Ericeira and with more sand. Network lined to prevent erosion, the beach is a good option for those who want easy access, parking and beach facilities.

Pescadores  Beach

It is one of the busiest beaches in the summer, due to the calm sea. A historical factor was the Royal Family landing on this beach on the 05/10/1910. Before the twentieth century, it was just a beach where the boats used to loading and unloading and it was here that took place the purchase and sale of fish. From this century, it was classified as beach possible to take baths. This is also the beach (depending on the sea conditions) the boats gather at night in Nª Srª da Boa Viagem Party and make lightshows. In addition to easy access, it is also equipped for people with special needs.

Beach of Coxos

It is a much smaller beach but very nice to visit. Not monitored and can even sometimes be dangerous for swimming due to currents.

Beach S. Lourenço

It is the beach closer to the Quinta dos Raposeiros. Just a 20-minute walk through Pinetrees and orchards. Very nice beach with good access, parking and support for beach bar. Good for bathing and Surfing.

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